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Most successful eSports game worldwide: League of Legends

60 million spectators had the League of Legends World Cup Final 2017. 70 million people play the game worldwide. How is this success explained?

Around 70 million people worldwide play League of Legends. Not a shooter or a sports game, but a MOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) – a genre born of a fan-idea that is today the one with the most prizes, most players and most fans.

Where do MOBAs come from?

So before you understand League of Legends and its boosters such as cheap LoL Elo Boosting, you have to understand MOBAs first. From a StarCraft card created by fans called Aeon of Strife was controlled in the strategy game no longer several units, but only a single. Based on this idea created in 2003 three players in the strategy game WarCraft 3 a modification called Defense of the Ancients – short Dota. A genre was born.

The still half-baked mod was improved after one of developer Blizzard’s creative players was hired in 2005. The hype in the community did not go unnoticed. In 2009, the then largely unknown US developer Riot Games released a game called League of Legends. To date, in addition to Dota 2, which appeared in 2013, the most successful game in the genre and groundbreaking for the latest developments in the eSports sector.

Why do MOBAs work so well?

Unlike shooters, MOBAs are not apparently violent. The comic-look of the mythical creatures takes every realism and the bird’s eye view leaves spectators and players at a safe distance at all times. It is this perspective that is also the main reason why you can follow the game well. When it comes to shooters, the game is often hectic and the ego perspective for weak stomachs a torture. The bird’s eye view also provides an overview of the players and the spectators.

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