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Setting a Program for Family Fitness

Of the many youths who dream of a career in professional sports, perhaps one will make it.  Not as a “star” player with a huge salary and household name like LeBron James or Tom Brady, but as a regular player earning a living as one of the supporting cast.  What becomes of the rest?  They usually work Monday through Friday, and may watch those pros on TV earn livings playing the sports they played at school or on the playground.  Many amateur athletes today struggle to stay in shape, even if they are working out and playing games every weekend.  To make sure we all kept in shape I established a workout policy for my family.

 Getting in good shape requires regular active exercise, not just sitting at a desk pushing a mouse or joystick.  Our family rule was for each hour spent for games or leisure time at the computer each person would spend 15 minutes in some form of active exercise that required some physical activity.  I started this policy by buying each person in the family a pair of active shoes from Finish Line.  We each chose the particular style and make of shoes he or she wanted like Adidas, Nike, Under Armour, etc.  Finish line stocks all these and more.  After we picked out our shoes by style and size, I bought them using Groupon promo codes from Finish Line, taking advantage of their discounts of up to $40 off.

 But this was just the start.  After the shoes arrived each of us kept a journal.  We’d list the amount of time spent on daily active exercise and computer time activities.  One might list something like 30 minutes walking – 2 hours reading blogs” for a day.  Others would list time spent jogging, playing ball, biking, etc.   This became a regular habit to the point where some competed to see who put in the most time working out daily.  Before long, everybody was in great shape a fact noted by the family doctor who asked how I’d managed to keep the kids from getting out of shape snacking and sitting at the computer.  And the girls in the family were delighted to show their new physiques and wear the latest styles – something their Mom and I felt induced more spending than we’d anticipated and was certainly not an intended result of our new program.


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